Ready to Learn DMV

Either your an industry member like a Registration Service or a Car Enthusiasts, these courses will help you gain the knowledge you're looking for.

Hi, I'm David!

I've own and operated a California Registration Service for over 12 years. I've processed just about every DMV application you can think of. Through the years, industry friends and customers have reached out to me asking me to create courses on various DMV related topics.

As a Registration Service owner, I know the frustrations associated with learning the DMV process. My goal is to teach you in a easy to follow course so you can grow your knowledge and your business.

Learn. Focus. Grow.

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Title Transfers

Title transfers come in all types. Knowing what to do in each case can help your customer have seamless experience.

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Special Applications

Learn how to navigate some of the more challenging applications required by DMV including: Vehicles with No Record, Bonded Titles & More.

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Lien Sales

In these courses, we'll look at how to conduct a lien sale and common concerns with the Lien Sale process.